Baby-Sitters Club: The Movie! Pt. 8 – The Novelization!

It’s time to talk about the Peter Lerangis novelization of the Dalene Young screenplay of the Ann M. Martin movie “The Baby-Sitters Club!” Does Lerangis add any value to the tale? Do we find out more backstory on our friends? Do Sam and Charlie exist? Well, let’s find out, okay?

Baby-Sitters Club: The Movie! Pt. 7 – The Soundtrack

In what might be our most complex episode yet, Christy and I tackle the music of the Baby-Sitters Club Major Motion Picture Soundtrack Album! So, get ready for some heavy thoughts on music from 1995, ya’ll!

Baby-Sitters Club: The Movie! Pt. 6 – The Movie?

In response to a recommendation from a dedicated listener, we have decided to try to actually talk about the movie “The Baby-Sitters Club” this week. Ever hear of it? It’s about a Baby-Sitters Club.

Baby-Sitters Club: The Movie! Pt. 5 – Hello Reader!

Here’s something we’ve never talked about before: a book! Yes, it’s  “The Baby-Sitters Club” by Teddy Slater Margulies based on the fun new movie from Beacon and Columbia Pictures based on the best-selling series by Ann M. Martin! Who would have known?

Baby-Sitters Club: The Movie! Pt. 4 – LACKIN’ RODOWSKY!

I have no idea what this episode is about! Christy and Phil presumably talk about the cultural significance of Jackie Rodowsky. I guess?

Baby-Sitters Club: The Movie! Pt. 3 – THE TRAILER!

Before “The Baby-Sitters Club” movie was released in 1995, they dropped a massive trailer that featured everything from the beginning to the middle to the end… of certain plots. It also presented a far more together film than we ended up with. It also was two minutes long. But, we talk about it for over an hour! So, it must have given us *something* to chew on, right?

Baby-Sitters Club: The Movie! Pt. 2 – COMMENTARY TRACK!

This is us. We’re both Alan and the listeners are Dawn.

Hey, have you ever wanted to watch a movie and have two barely coherent podcasters talk over the whole thing? Well, you’re in luck! Christy and Phil have recorded a “Baby-Sitters Club: The Movie” commentary track! And, here it is! So, crack open a Capri Sun and pop in your aged VHS and get ready to listen to these two talk for an hour and a half! It’s FUN!

Baby-Sitters Club: The Movie! Pt. 1 – Preamble

Christy and Phil are back in the saddle and ready to tackle the 1995 cult classic “The Baby-Sitters Club: The Movie!” It wasn’t a success! But why? For answers, we turned to Vulture’s “An Oral History of the Baby-Sitters Club Movie” by Jessica Goldstein. We also talk about “Thirtysomething.” We talk about “Thirtysomething” a LOT. Like, a lot a lot. Also, Phil hasn’t watched the movie yet, so there’s that. But, anyway… here it is!


Baby-Sitters Club – “The Baby-sitters Remember”

Well, this is it, folks. The end of an actual era. We’ve seen these kids grow up in front of us across 13 episodes and a whole Thanksgiving Day dance number. How about one last trip down Memory Lane? It’s “The Baby-sitters Remember.”

Baby-Sitters Club – “Stacey Takes a Stand”

Are you ready to jam on it? Are you ready to get into the groove? Are you ready to spend a solid minute and a half watching a group of 13 year olds gyrate for the amusement of their fathers? Are you ready for “Stacey Takes a Stand” to actually be one of the most solid episodes of this series? Well, we weren’t. We weren’t at all.